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I need some time to gather my thoughts (and numbers) for predictions etc, so, in lieu of actual content, I’m going to post an essay, of sorts, that I wrote a couple weeks ago.  In my section of the “About Us” page, my dislikes include “people using CBP as an excuse for the Phillies offensive prowess”.  This has always been one of those things that irk me, but the essay came about from a discussion I had with MLB Radio host Pete McCarthy over the Phillies offense.  And Pete maintained that the Phillies offense was a product of their home ballpark.   I, having watched nearly every game of the Phils, and also a great deal of other NL East action, knew the Phillies offense was the cream of the crop and not just because CBP is the size of a matchbox.   And set out to prove it, with the help of my Handy-Dandy Notebook AKA baseball-reference.com.

So, editted slightly for this blog, here’s The True Adventures of the Philadelphia Offense.



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It’s funny that you’re here, since we haven’t started blogging yet.

Expect us to start posting sometime during Spring Training, I suppose.

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